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"It was supposed to be country but I was hearing electric blues, a thumping beat, and a woman with a powerful voice and a don’t-mess-with-me vibe....... Download her newest track, A Woman Scorned for free, but I still recommend seeing her live." 

~Mike Benhaim, Metro News, Canadian Music week 2014

Tanya Marie Harris is a dedicated songwriter and country music artist hailing from London, Ontario. Despite her roots in rock music, a transformative trip to the Southern United States as a child deepened her love for country music, drawn to its relatable storytelling and unpretentious nature. While Tanya initially pursued a practical career path, from working in the non-profit sector In volunteer management and Leadership to owning a restaurant and tea shop, she realized after becoming a wife and mother that she couldn't ignore the pull of her musical dreams. Taking a leap of faith, she face her fears and journeyed to Nashville, immersing herself in the country music scene to pursue her passion. While Tanya appreciates the art of songwriting, it's performing live and forging connections with her audience that drives her.


From childhood living room concerts with a makeshift microphone to becoming a recognized country music and Nashville recording artist. Tanya's journey has been filled with personal growth and fulfillment as an independent Artist. Once Tanya's single "Second Hand Dreams" gained popularity on the US country Music Row charts, she was able to secure her first US tour to promote the song. Her second radio release further established her reputation as a respected professional in the country music industry. 


With the days of intense touring behind her, Tanya now finds tremendous fulfillment in supporting the next generation of leaders.  Recognizing the transformative power of music and entrepreneurship, she goes above and beyond to foster the development of young people's leadership skills through art, music and business. Tanya's passion shines through her dedication to guiding and empowering aspiring songwriters, especially those who may face anxiety or possess unique learning abilities.

With a background in leadership studies and a heart for mentorship, Tanya curates insightful workshops specifically designed to support young artists. Through these transformative sessions, she not only helps aspiring songwriters explore their craft but also equips them with the tools and strategies necessary to become confident leaders in their own right.  Tanya understands that music and entrepreneurship form an incredible platform for growth and self-discovery, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for young minds to develop crucial leadership qualities, harness their unique strengths, conquer their challenges, and ultimately create a lasting impact in the world. 

Currently residing near the picturesque town of Mattawa, Ontario, Tanya values her family and eagerly anticipates the exciting future adventures that await them in the North.

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